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Over 500,000 students and adults in the UK have attended UFA courses and now for the first time UFA courses are available in Japan and taught in Japanese by a UFA trained Japanese Teacher!

“ The University of the First Age is not so much a seat of learning, as a run, jump, sing, laugh, shout, build and connect place of learning.”

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tick   If you are a student who wants to develop Leadership and Teamwork skills then the UFA is for YOU!
tick   If you are a student who is interested in how to study and learn more effectively then the UFA is for YOU!
tick   If you are a parent and want to know learn how to help your child learn and achieve more then the UFA is for YOU!
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The following courses are offered for Junior and Senior High School Students

Student Leadership Course – for Students of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

The UFA “Student leadership” course give young people the opportunity to develop and explore their leadership skills based around a series of modules that include 'Leading Self and Others', 'Accountability', 'Project Management' and 'Shaping the Future'.

Leading Learning Course

The UFA “Leading and Learning in Teams” is a course designed to develop and progress the personal skills of young people in order to help them to develop their potential to be leaders and team players. It focuses on team work and the different roles individuals can take in a team, leading a team and the coaching of self and others.

Student Learning Fellowship Course

The UFA “Student Learning Fellowship” is a course developed for students to Learn about themselves as a learner – how the brain works, learning styles, multiple intelligences, Accelerated Learning and Memory skills for raising their achievement. It also gives students increased Skills for learning including developing their thinking skills, creative thinking, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

The following course is offered for Parents of Elementary, JHS and SHS students

Parent Learning Fellowship

The UFA “Parent Learning Fellowship” is a course that gives parents the opportunity to develop a range of strategies for supporting their children’s learning in order to raise their achievement.

Places for all courses are limited and need to be booked in advance. Courses last 24 one hour lessons.

In order to avoid missing out on these unique learning courses, contact GEC Group for more information.