Hiroshima English Learning Center
Teacher Training Statement
The GEC director is an Advanced Skills Teacher English Teacher* who has extensive experience as an advisor for Junior and Senior High schools in both England and Japan, responsible for raising the standards of English education in numerous schools and many Education authorities. All teaching methods used and Teacher Training workshops have been proven to significantly raise standards of performance of both students and teachers. Whether it be designing curriculum, assessments, raising academic standards or providing Teacher Training workshops, GEC Group has the experience and the solutions to help your organization improve the quality of English provision or teacher expertise.

All consultancy and workshops are available to Elementary and Junior High schools in Japan.

*Advanced Skills Teacher accreditation in England is carried out by The National Assessment Agency for teachers who have a proven track record of excellence in Education. Teachers must show a broad range of evidence of excellence in the following areas: excellent results/outcomes; excellent subject or specialist knowledge; excellent ability to plan curriculum; excellent ability to teach, manage pupils; excellent ability to assess and evaluate; excellent ability to advise and support other teachers. Teachers who pass this rigorous assessment procedure are awarded Advanced Skills Teacher Status. Less than 1% of teachers in England have been awarded this status.

Click on the links below for information about the curriculum consultancy or the Teacher Training workshops provided by GEC Group. More detailed information is available on request or arrange a meeting with our Director to see how we can help your school / organization.

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link Developing Effective Learners   link Questioning Skills
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